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Our experienced and expert application engineers have the ability to ask the right questions about your pump rebuild or repair. Free evaluation for any pump, just send it in for a free technical inspection report and repair quote.

Sanitary Pump Rebuilds and Repairs Feature:

  • Extensive machining expertise
  • Machines and handling equipment to work the largest pumps – a 50 ton press
  • Brand new dedicated pump rebuild facility
  • Thousands of parts and pumps IN STOCK
  • Custom tooling for all brands for rebuilds and repairs
  • Stock gearboxes painted, ready to assemble, and all parts in stock
  • Low turnaround times can save you up to 4 weeks

Expert Knowledge You Can Trust

Our extensive experience with positive displacement pumps, diaphragm pumps, and sanitary centrifugal pumps sets us apart from our competition. We are experts in food processing system integration and pumps are an integral part of our knowledge base. If you have a plant or a system that’s down needing a pump, we work with urgency to get you back online within days, not weeks.

Our Facilities Allow Us to Deliver Efficient and Reliable Work

Our facilities for pump rebuilds and repairs are second to none. Our pump rebuild team is 100% dedicated to pump repair and rebuilds. They have access to multiple rebuild workstations, and extensive array of machining equipment, presses, cranes and forklifts to make our work efficient and reliable the first time.

Have a Worn Out Pump? We Can Rebuild or Sell You a New Pump

Our deep expertise in food processing and positive displacement pump expertise allow us to rapidly solve problems and make like-new repairs. We can rebuild your worn out pump, find you a part, or sell you a new pump in days to get back into operation.

The New Waukesha Twin Screw Pump “TS Series”

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s new twin screw pump TS series will provide a long list of advantages starting with eliminating extra pumps, valves and controls from your process design.

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FREE technical inspection Reports

Send in your worn pump for a FREE technical inspection report and rebuild/repair quote.

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