Custom Fabrication for Stainless Steel Products & Process Equipment

Custom Metal Fabrication

Anderson Dahlen is a full-service contract manufacturer for custom fabricated stainless steel products, equipment and process systems. Our high quality equipment and fabrication services are utilized by companies in a wide variety of industries, and our custom stainless steel products are in service globally for some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. No matter what the project or application, our custom contract-manufacturing services will meet or exceed your expectations.

Stainless steel food manufacturing and processing equipment has long been our forte, and as such comprises a significant portion of our business. Many of the fabrication processes required for the manufacture of food processing equipment lend themselves to the manufacture of equipment and components for other markets. Anderson Dahlen's fabrication expertise, strong reputation for quality, and our continually expanding manufacturing capabilities have helped us become a critical supplier to customers in the following industries:

  • Food Processing:Anderson Dahlen has a renowned history of designing and building equipment for the food industry, and solving customer problems arising from the numerous operations involved in the processing of food. In addition to individual components, custom one-of equipment, and prototype equipment; we also design, manufacture, and assemble complete systems and can facilitate factory acceptance tests (FAT) for complete systems in-house as needed.
  • Pharmaceutical: The manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment was a natural progression; due to similarities food processing equipment requirements in fabrication, surface finishes, and quality. Pharmaceutical equipment often requires specific stainless steel fabrication expertise, as well as finishing and polishing knowledge. We have an in-house finishing department specializing in stainless steel mirror finishes as low as 4 ra. which is critical in our contract manufacturing services for various pharmaceutical equipment OEMs.
  • Chemical: Due in large part to our stainless steel fabrication skill-sets as well the ability to perform and control all fabrication processes in-house, we have seen an increase in demand for services related to the chemical and remediation markets. We serve several segments of chemical processing with projects in the refining and separation markets for energy, printing, cosmetics, and agricultural uses.
  • Power Generation: As the demand for various types of energy has increased, our work in this area has also expanded. We manufacture components and complete assemblies for several segments of the energy market including bio-fuel, nuclear, petroleum, and solar/photovoltaics.
  • Vacuum: Our in-house capabilities for metal forming, large machining capabilities, and expertise in welding are ideal for manufacturing chambers and related products for customers involved in industrial and high vacuum processes. Anderson Dahlen also acquired Applied Vacuum Technology, LLC which specializes in high and ultra-high chambers and components.
  • Industrial: As we have invested in our facilities and large CNC machine tool capabilities, we have increased our presence in the heavy industrial markets with our ability to fabricate, weld, machine and inspect larger parts and weldments in-house. Our 40 foot high bays, bridge cranes and large CNC machining capabilities allow a larger part envelope and have created one-stop service for our large food-related projects as well as those for non-food stainless applications.
  • We offer complete material traceability, from the mill to the finished product, as well as full documentation of all production processes involved with the creation of your custom stainless steel product. We provide certified welding and have our own Certified Welding Inspectors on-staff, as well as a Quality Department to provide you with a full inspection report and document package to ensure that your project is fabricated to the highest standards of the many industries we serve.

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